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If you have an unfortunate incident in your life that leads to involvement with the criminal justice system, the first thing you realize is that it is nothing like what you see on television, on shows such as Perry Mason, orLaw and Order.The United States Constitution provides individuals with rights. However, knowledge of those rights, and assurance that they are respected by authorities, requires assistance of competent legal counsel.

We have represented clients accused of offenses from, among others, DUI, trafficking, robbery, theft, “white collar crimes”, and domestic violence. We are available to assist you even if you only suspect you may be the subject of investigation to assure that you are aware of your rights and the need to protect them.

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  •   1 -954 -990 -4371

Our Vision

We founded our law firm on the twin pillars of what makes people and companies successful: Vision and Focus. Our VISION is to provide the highest quality advice to our clients, at a cost that is reasonable and reflects the value we add to their businesses.

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